We love supporting the charitable efforts in our community. And we’re inviting you to help us. You can help us with our partnership with several local nonprofits through our Because Community Matters Referral Program. Each time we receive a referral from you, we make a $25 donation to our quarterly nonprofit partner. It’s a win-win! Our efforts have been incredibly successful, and in the year of 2023 we had over 115 referrals for the year, which resulted in over $2,875 raised for all of 2023. By simply referring individuals to us, whether or not they get a quote, you can help fund one of our wonderful causes below depending on which quarter of the year it is. We encourage all of our clients to reach out to us with stories about how these organizations have impacted individuals they know, or if they would like to find out more about getting involved to help out. Remember, Community Matters, and at Evergreen Insurance we believe that our community is one of the best.

You Are Family to Us

You Are Family to Us

You matter to us! At Evergreen Insurance, our motto is Because Family Matters and you are family to us. It’s what we do and who we are.

As independent insurance agents, we strive to seek out what matters most to our customers, our families, and our community! Our Because Community Matters Referral Program extends support to the community we live in.

You, too, can be an Evergreen Insurance partner!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Your friend or family member calls, texts, or emails us and says you referred them OR you may contact us with their name and contact information.

Step 2. One of our licensed agents provides a complimentary insurance review.

Step 3. We make a $25 donation to our quarterly nonprofit partner – no strings attached.

Our Nonprofit Partners

These well-established nonprofits serve the greater Vancouver, Washington community. A little help goes a long way. It is important to support our local community. Learn more about the organizations we are supporting in 2023 by clicking on the below links.

Our Process

We work with Clark County Veterans Assistance Center, which works closely to assist veteran groups within Clark County gain access to vital resources and connections. In 2023 we have worked with them to earn a total of $575, and we will continue to raise more over the next few years of fundraising.

Winter Hospitality Overflow 

The Winter Hospitality Overflow program c/o Council for the Homeless is the hub of the homeless service system for all of Clark County. They operate the Housing Hotline, and their staff specialize in working with people living outside in tents, youth, Veterans, seniors, families, individuals, people who have experienced homelessness and those who are new to this reality. In 2023 we raised $725, and hope to continue to raise more for their cause!

Our Values

Options 360 is a Women's Clinic that has worked to provide healthcare options to Women in unexpected situations, and has helped connect countless individuals with proper resources, and we have made it part of our mission to assist in this vital one. In 2023 we helped raise $725, and we believe that with your support we can continue to see an increase in the aid provided by this crucial organization.

Our Resources

Open House Ministries describes their mission as "the recognition that overcoming issues of homelessness requires time and transitional support". They believe that through faith based support, and private funding, families that are burdened with homelessness can find themselves in a better situation. In 2023 we raised $850, and believe with the continued help of others we can help many other families rise out of homelessness.