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February 06, 2023

Challenge Accepted!

Jesse Villafranca is taking on a new challenge through an extreme fitness event and fundraiser, with all funds raised being donated to TrailLife Troop 360 and to Vida’s Ark, both located in Vancouver, WA. Jesse will be completing the David Goggins Challenge beginning on March 3rd, 2023. The David Goggins challenge involves walking 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours. He will start his walk Friday, March 3rd and continue until the final walk on Sunday, March 5th. Interested walkers are encouraged to reach out to the Evergreen Insurance Facebook page to walk a leg or two with Jesse.

Jesse had never heard of this challenge until a recent Independent Agent insurance conference. The challenge was extended to all the attendees to participate and raise $1000 for local charities. Jesse initially thought 4 miles isn’t a big deal…he had done weekly 50-60 miles hikes with his scouting troop, so the distance didn’t deter him. Then he realized the distance was over a 48-hour period. But he has been motivated by two reasons. Jesse said, “It makes it easier to get up early and walk each day to train when it’s going to improve my health and it’s for a good cause.” Jesse added, ”The easy part is walking each day and I’ve gained a new appreciate for audio books. The hardest part of the challenge is getting in multiple walks in one day.”

Giving back to the community isn’t new for Jesse. He was an adult leader for many years in the Boy Scouts of America; both his sons are Eagle Scouts. He also helped launch TrailLife Troop 360. It is part of his mission to mentor young people and help them adopt values to succeed in life. According to Jesse, “TrailLife is an organization that challenges boys to develop their character and values while serving their community. I couldn’t think of a better program to support.”

Interestingly enough, it was an Eagle Scout project that introduced Jesse to Vida’s Ark years ago. The program interested him because it is an outreach for young mothers and their babies who need support and services necessary to thrive. Jesse states, “We have to care for the youngest and most vulnerable in our community.”

Jesse invites you to donate online to support either organization by visiting their websites at:

TrailLife, Troop 360, Vancouver, WA

Vida’s Ark, Vancouver, WA