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Insurance for Your Teen Driver

Everyone with children knows the day will someday come when you have a teenaged driver in the house. If that day has come or is swiftly approaching, you can count on the insurance professionals at Evergreen Insurance to help you insure your teen driver.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do I need to make sure my teen driver is insured?

Most states do not require teen drivers to be listed on an insurance policy until they are licensed, but some states require insurance policies for student drivers who have a learner’s permit. Before your teen driver gets behind the wheel, check with your insurance agent to make sure your auto policy will cover any mishaps.

2. Should I add my teen driver to my insurance policy or purchase a separate policy?

This will depend upon your family’s situation. In most circumstances, it will be less expensive to add your teen to your own auto insurance policy. Your premiums are likely to increase, but the cost should be offset somewhat by factors that provide you with lower rates than your teen would be able to get alone. If you are purchasing liability insurance on an older vehicle for your teen, a separate policy might be a more affordable choice. Talk to your insurance agent to learn more.

3. Are there unique coverage requirements for teen drivers?

No, your teen driver only needs to be insured for the legal minimums that apply to all other drivers in your state. However, keep in mind that minimum liability and PIP insurance may not fully cover the costs of an accident. Even if your teen driver is driving a clunker, you might wish to carry higher liability limits for her or him in the event that your teen injures someone else in an auto accident or is held responsible for property damage.

Like all new skills, driving comes with a learning curve. That’s part of why Evergreen Insurance takes insuring teen drivers so seriously. If you have more questions about auto insurance for your teen driver, contact us today. We’re dedicated to insuring your family through all of the changes life brings your way.